Cooler by a Mile

Last weekend, I spent my first days at the Jersey Shore.  Mercifully, this shore town bore little resemblance to that inhabited by the Snookies of the world.

Derek and I set out for Avalon, NJ, where his uncle has a vacation rental house.  Since it was free for the coming week, he opened it to the family.  Following the first evening, which consisted of a family dinner gathering, we had the place to ourselves.  While we both worked during the weekdays, there is something inherently relaxing about being near the water, taking a morning stroll on the beach and gorging on fresh seafood for dinner.  It was a nice reprieve from the “real world.”

I’m continuing to practice my photography skills, and while I couldn’t motivate myself to wake up for any 5:30 a.m. sunrises, I did manage to snap a few pics on the beach.  I’m not particularly happy with any of these, but I guess it’s still a learning process.  I did some auto-editing to a couple shots and would be interested to learn 1) if you can pick out the photos that have been edited; and 2) what you think about them, considering the program used is quite basic and amateur.


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