Photography 101: Life in Manual Mode

I love photos.  After all, when you get home from the airport, after you say “I Do,” or when the sun sets on another day, what else do you have but the memory of precious events and little life moments?  With photography, we can chronicle and recall these memories, relive the experiences that shape us.

I bought my first DSLR about two years ago, before Derek and I were preparing to embark on an extended trip to Africa and Europe.  We were going on safari, and I wanted to capture the majesty of the animals with more than a point-and-shoot.  I’m happy with my photos, though I only used the camera in automatic settings.  Before heading out on another journey this year to New Zealand, I tasked myself with learning to make photos, instead of merely taking them.

I enrolled in a four-week Introductory to Photography class taught by Sam D’Amico. During this time, I learned to operate my camera in fully manual mode.  The class was both educational and rewarding – and it paid off in New Zealand!  I still have much to learn and am planning to take an intermediary class soon.  In the meantime, I’m continuing to push myself to see life in different ways and translate that into my photos.

Below are some of my initial photos taken during the course of the photography class.  At the time, we were learning metering and exposure, depth of field and the like, so you will see these aspects highlighted in the photos.

Stay tuned for upcoming entries from our New Zealand trip…complete with photos, itinerary recommendations and more!


2 thoughts on “Photography 101: Life in Manual Mode

  1. There is no better way IMO to understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO better than shooting full manual. Although intimidating at first, you will probably find yourself using it most of the time once you get used to it. Good luck.

    • Thanks so much, Mark! I am shooting in manual full-time now, though it can be a frustrating process. I still have much to learn.

      Also, I used to live in San Diego; your photos of the city are incredible.

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