Day 10: Trient to Le Tour

It is Finished

See our final TMB recap here.

It had arrived – our last day on Tour du Mont Blanc.  We ate a nice breakfast and laced up our boots for the last time.  After a 15 minute walk to the next village just down a road, we reluctantly embarked on our final climb.  We were not looking forward to it.  As much as we had enjoyed the TMB, knowing that we were so close to finishing made it difficult to get ramped up to climb nearly 900 meters.  To our delight, the incline was actually pretty easy, taking a switchback route most of the way up.

A light sprinkle started that was even less significant than the day before.

We reached Col du Balme and took a short rest.  The view, with the large snow capped mountains of France in front of us, was stunning, but it was very cold and we didn’t stay long.  We began our descent to Le Tour and our last stop on the TMB.

There was a restaurant at the base of the lift in the village and we stopped for lunch.  We had a victory beer along with a traditional savory French lunch.  I opted for a tartiflette of potatoes, bacon and cheese while Derek had a croute of chanterelles and fromage.

We hiked from 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  After lunch, we caught the local Chamonix bus back to Les Houches.  We had done it!


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