Day 9: Champex to Trient

See our video recap of Day 9 here.

Breakfast was large and filling and included warm, fresh bread – a nice treat!

While initially passing through some small villages, the trail soon begins to ascend to Alp Bovine for a steep climb.  About three hours after setting off, we reached the alp, though we had to negotiate our way through some cows and bulls first, which wasn’t without difficulty.  A bull pawed the ground at Derek, but thankfully did not move toward him.  We took an alternate route around the alp building where we then stopped for our picnic lunch.

Toward the end of our lunch, it began to sprinkle – the first rain of our trip.  Though steady for the rest of our walk to Col de la Forclaz, it never picked up and we didn’t have to put on our full rain gear.

We reached Col de la Forclaz by 2 p.m., making for a hike of just more than 5 hours, and stopped for a shandy before proceeding to Trient, which was an easy half hour walk away.

We got settled into Auberge Mont Blanc and enjoyed a couple of beers and complimentary snacks before dinner.  We had the most unique meal of our trip, which consisted of soup and salad with tomato fondue and potatoes and ice cream to finish.  The fondue was delicious and unlike anything we had ever had.


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