The Loneliest Woman in the World

I recently had the opportunity to visit Vienna and decided to hop over to Bratislava for an afternoon.  My initial impression upon arrival wasn’t positive.  The central portion of the old town is overrun with tourist-focused eateries and tchotchke shops.  I dodged the hoards of people, kept walking and hoped the city had more to offer.  Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

I soon found myself wandering along nearly deserted streets, just a few blocks away from the central square.  Paved in cobblestone and lined with brightly colored buildings, the streets overwhelmed me with their beauty.  I began photographing the buildings and narrow alleyways and soon noticed a petite older woman, very carefully making her way across the bumpy stones.  She was impeccably dressed and walked so slowly that it was almost as though she wasn’t moving at all.  She kept her head down and didn’t seem to notice anyone around, save for one young woman sitting on a curb with whom she stopped to share a few words.

I snapped a few shots of this intriguing woman, and I have dubbed these photos “The loneliest woman in the world.”


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