The Worst Of…

Finally, these are the places I just did not enjoy.

Missing the Mark

Imperial Palace East Gardens:  While portions of the Imperial Palace can be viewed from the surrounding plaza and park areas, the inner grounds are not open to the public, save for select dates and during guided tours.  Unfortunately, we visited the area on a Sunday when tours are not provided.  Instead, we opted for a walk through the East Gardeimg_1291ns.  On a small portion of the grounds lies the Ninomaru garden, a picture-perfect, quintessential Japanese garden.  It may be that this area alone dictates a visit to the East Gardens.  Regardless, we found the remainder of the property to be unremarkable.

img_1779Meiji Shrine:  At the risk of sounding too negative, I am at a loss to recommend anything about the Meiji Shrine.  Most of the shrine buildings are fairly new, having been rebuilt in the late 1950s following World War II.  The large forest surrounding the shrine is impressive and may be worth a stroll.  This is also where I first participated in the purification ritual associated with visiting a shrine.  Rightly or wrongly, I was put off by what I perceived to be a tourist-centric focus, and I didn’t find it interesting.


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